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2013-06-03 01:00:31 by JamesEarlJones

I am your father.

Making a cartoon.

2012-01-06 00:05:07 by JamesEarlJones

Should be out in like 2 days.

you're all cunts.

2011-09-12 00:19:04 by JamesEarlJones

fuck you newgrounds cunts

go animate is cool

2011-08-18 04:08:19 by JamesEarlJones

So I decided to troll Go!Animate with my cruel sense of humor.

Here's some awful examples.

I got sand in my vagina.

2011-07-02 22:17:14 by JamesEarlJones

And made a pearl.

I got sand in my vagina.

I am James Earl Jones

2010-12-07 06:23:43 by JamesEarlJones

Yes I am.

I am James Earl Jones